The process will involve understanding of the existing environment, the current security policies in place, security system and manpower deployed. Our consultant will then develop a comprehensive solution to Time-proven Methodology which will includes the following processes:

Detailed Fact Finding

Our Consultant will perform a comprehensive review of your existing security measures, including the existing security system and manpower procedures. Data gathering and site survey will be conducted to check the adequacy of the existing security systems at the facility against the emergent security threats. If it is a new development, we will study the architectural drawings and provide inputs to where the area of concerns will be and how to strategically placed the critical items in the facility.

Security Risk Assessment

This is a process where the Threat Vulnerabilities Risk Assessment (TVRA) will be conducted. Things to assess will includes what needs to be protected? Who/What are the threats and vulnerabilities? What are the implications if they were damaged or lost? What is the value to the organization? What can be done to minimize exposure to the loss or damage? A comprehensive risk assessment will identify those areas as well as scenarios that need to be addressed. Finally, an overall risk profile of the development will be computed based on results from the TVRA.

Blast Effect Analyst(BEA)

A Blast Effect Analysis (BEA) is a software-based method to determine the impact of a Blast explosion in or near the facility due Explosive like Manpack or Vehicle Bomb Etc. The scenarios will be simulated thru software and results will be presented as a report for the client to understand the Impact and Possible Damage to the structure.

Structural Resilient Study(SRS)

A Structure Resilient Study (SRS) is a report which reflects the severity and impact of the Blast analyst, describe the blast calculations performed, the response and damage predicted for the structural components evaluated, and finally determine what is the best Physical Hardening Measures to be introduce to protect the building.

Security Protection Plan(SPP)

The Security Protection Plan (SPP) will be the next process to be done. Based on the Risk Assessment and Profile established, The Security Protection Plan (SPP) will then be formulated with operational and technological measures to secure the facility against the defined threats. Security system design, budget and costing will also be provided to the client.

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